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AVA (Assess, Verify, Apprise)

Maritimes Ava Inc. are Marine and Cargo Surveyors and Magnetic Compass Adjustors based in Ontario-Quebec, Canada.

Maritimes Ava Inc. are Marine and Cargo Surveyors and Magnetic Compass Adjustors based in Ontario-Quebec, Canada. Compass adjuster Capt. Ruston started survey work in Qatar in 1978, about 40 years ago. Re-established in Canada in 1989 he has been in business now for 30 years.

Since our conception in 1978, we have carried out thousands of jobs for various shipping interests

Some of the biggest Canadian shipping interests have been our clients since we established business in Canada 40 years ago.

During these 30 years, we have been carrying out Compass Adjustments and have been very careful in our work so that our principals do not have to bear any heavy legal costs. We also do Marine Surveys and Audits.

Our Mission

Provide Professional diligently executed technical services in the fields of Magnetic Compass corrections and Ship Surveys.

Our Plan

Pursue growth of our already expanding customer base by affirming our reputation for Expertise and professionaism in the Canadian Maritime services sector.

Our Vision

To become an industry-wide icon known for professional marine services in Canada.

Marine Compass Services

Magnetic Compass Adjustment

The magnetic compass is a prime instrument of navigation.

It is a simple instrument that does not fail due to lack of electric power, for example.

However, the ship's steel, which creates magnetic effects, causes the magnetic compass to deviate from the magnetic meridian. The compass adjustor is required to bring the magnetic compass back in conformity or almost in conformity with the magnetic meridian ... We do this.

We are Transport Canada certified magnetic compass adjustors. We adjust magnetic compasses on sea-going ships and other vessels. Our certificate for compass adjustment and deviation is valid all over the world. We have adjusted more than a thousand compasses so far.

We were granted patents for improvements in the magnetic compass.

We travel (World Wide) for adjusting magnetic compasses. Adjustment done, for example on a fleet of ships/tugs at the same time, can be cost-effective. Also, if required, we can board a vessel and adjust the magnetic compass during her passage from port to port without the need for tugs, pilot input for swinging the vessel, or waste of ship's time for compass adjustment in many circumstances. Note: since the ship's magnetism reacts differently on different courses, the vessel has to be swung around and the compass has to be adjusted on at least 8 courses (cardinal and inter-cardinal points).

Note: We only carry out Magnetic Compass Adjustments/ Annual Calibration and we do not install or repair any other compasses ( Gyro, Differential, etc).

The magnetic compass needs to be adjusted when:

  • The vessel is new
  • After periods of lay up
  • A new compass is installed
  • Deviation exceeds 5 degrees on any heading
  • After trauma, such as lightning strike, grounding, fire, etc.
  • Compass performance is unsatisfactory or unreliable
  • A record of compass deviation has not been maintained
  • fter alterations & additions to vessel's structure & equipment
  • After repairs involving welding, cutting, grinding, etc., which may affect the compass
  • Electrical or magnetic equipment close to the compass is added, removed or altered
  • Compass deviation does not appear to correspond with that shown on deviation card
  • The validity period of the deviation card set by the national or state marine authority is due to expire

Other Maritime Services

Maritimes AVA is also an established provider of Marine and Cargo Surveys as follows:.

Marine Surveys

On/off Hire, Condition and Special Surveys, including investigations for vessel damage.

Bunker Surveys

To check for bunkers, over/under declaring of bunkers by vessels, in order to protect our principals' interests. More than $ 10 million recovered for Principals.

Ultrasound Inspections

o check weathertight integrity of Hatch Covers before the vessel sails out to the high seas.

Cargo Surveys

To survey for damages, shortage claims, etc., for Dry Cargo vessels. Draft and deadweight surveys. Also, claims for short-lift of cargo. Container stuffing and unstuffing surveys.

Internal Audits

Every ocean going vessel is mandatorily required to comply with the Company's SMS ( SOLAS ) and the InternalAudit process is the physical verification of the same, backed up with Objective Evidence.

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Our Clients

Some of the biggest Canadian shipping interests have been our clients since we established business in Canada 30 years ago.

Maritimes AVA Team

Capt. Fred Ruston

Chairman / President

Capt. Mehernosh Mistry

Manager / Business Development

****** Meet Our Team Principals******

Capt. Fred Ruston

Fred went to sea as a cadet on the Training Ship Dufferin.  After completing his training on TS Dufferin, he worked his way up to Ship's Master.
After sailing as a Master, he joined pilotage services and served as Marine Pilot for 18 years.  As a pilot, he has successfully piloted many renowned vessels, among them, The Royal Yacht Britannia with Her Majesty on board and the SS France (later MV Norway).
Fred has numerous recommendations from past employers, among these. he saved a disabled vessel from imminent danger under own pilotage charge and received a salvage award.  Fred also successfully salvaged a derelict vessel (without machinery, mooring ropes/wires, etc.) avoiding danger to oil rigs and other assets in the Persian Gulf.

Fred migrated to Montreal, Canada and commenced his business Maritimes Ava Inc. in 1990 and has successfully carried out thousands of Marine Surveys and Compass Adjustments.  Though most surveyors have to appear in court to defend their reports, Fred has never had to appear in court for his survey reports which he has been doing for the shipping industry since 1978.

In Canada, Maritimes AVA Inc. has many very prominent shipping interests as its Principals since 1990.  Among many other such successes, in 2 prominent claims against Fred's principals, a claim for $ 5 million was settled for $ 40,000, that is 0.008% of the original claim as a result of Fred's report and in another case, a claim for $ 3.8 million was not pursued against Fred's principals after Fred's intervention and as a consequence of his related report.

Capt. Mehernosh Mistry

Mehernosh started his sailing career in 1989 with M/s Barber International, also known at the time as Barber Blue Seas. After successfully completing his Pre Sea Training at Training Ship Rahaman, Port Nhava Sheva Mumbai, he went on to become a Cadet.

Working his way up to Senior Management on board, Mehernosh has specialised in working with Oil Tankers for last 30 years. Having served in renowned companies such as Teekay, Mid East Ship Management (now called Bahri), Kuwait Oil, Maersk Tankers he has tremendous experience in the Oil Transportation field‐from Oil Blending Operations to numerous Ship To Ship Operations. During his time away from sea, Mehernosh has also worked on numerous Marine Surveys and Compass adjustments as studies and honorary work.

Mehernosh joined Maritimes Ava in 2017 ‐ 2018 and has been trained by Capt. Fred for future Marine Surveys and Compass Adjustments.

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